Writing Objective

Work related to the development of writing skills is carried out throughout the whole school year and may be related, among many other things, to vocabulary words learned in class, literature, practice of proper grammar usage, current events as well as writing across disciplines.

The English and Spanish departments at Cupeyville School are working on the implementation of a progressive writing program to fulfill one of the objectives established for the Middle States Association Accreditation plan. In order to fulfill this objective, all English and Spanish classes have included specific activities to significantly enhance our students’ writing skills. Instructional strategies and methods, as well as the use of rubrics, help promote meaningful experiences with grade level writing. The practice of writing in different genres develops in our students the skills necessary to be better prepared for the demands of college level writing. In our classes, students engage in diverse writing activities that foster awareness of the writing process through writing journals, portfolios, varied writing exercises and extracurricular activities such as writing or literary clubs